Raid2  application features

What is Raid2?

    Raid2 is a standalone Media Library Application.
With Raid2 you can easily browse stored media files independently of their place on the computer discs or removeable media.

How to download it?


What are its benefits?

    a. You don't need to search your music files. Raid2 saves your  time. You know that the time is the money. Find your music in just 0-7 clicks.
    b. Powered by the Standard MS(tm) and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft IIS technology Raid2 supports one of the best methods for reproducing your Audio Files.

    c. Multi-Document Interface Allows you to simultaniously navigate to different tracks, keep in touch with them, and play them simultaniously. Though Raid2 is not yet a software intended for professional DJ's work it can be very useful for playing the music at home, quickly navigating tracks stored on your computer and removeable media.

Quick Start

After starting a program the first time, you should add Audio Files to your library. This can be done by Selecting "Add Files From Folder" menu item of the "File" menu.

Then following dialog appears:

Browsing for folder
Choose the folder you wish to scan. Than the next dialog appears:
Found Files
By pressing thr Add button you put your tracks in your library.
If you need to find a track, just open folders Genre Artist and Album of your Media Library Tree in the left part of the window. Then select the Genre, the Artist or the Album. In the right window you will see the result. Repeating the previous two steps you can specify your option more exactly. For example you might want to listen to the Album "Overtone" of the Artist "Yellow 6".
Raid2 Application

The freeware version of Raid2 Media Library  installs no spyware but displays a web page with a banner in a piece of the window.